About WeShelter

About WeShelter

We work to give homeless and socially vulnerable people better conditions.

We work with volunteers and professional staff to address three major social issues: homelessness, loneliness, and mental distress.


We provide shelter and assistance resulting in an independent and meaningful life in one’s own home.


We offer socially vulnerable people a place within positive communities.

Mental distress

We provide social support and counselling based on empowerment, hope, and self-determination.

Our goal is for people in vulnerable positions to live an independent and meaningful life where they can participate in and contribute to society by recognizing, developing, and applying their own resources. We meet each person with a resource-oriented approach, and with an understanding and respect for everyone’s situation in life.

The WeShelter family consists of the homeless shelters Kollegiet Gl. Køge Landevej in Valby and Sporsløjfen in Østerbro. In addition, we run three community centres for socially vulnerable people: Pegasus, Offsides Social Gardens, and N.A.B.O. Center.

We engage volunteers in social work among vulnerable groups at our shelters and community centres, and in collaboration with municipal, regional, and private actors.

Social work since 1893

WeShelter is part of The Mission Among the Homeless Foundation, which has been doing social work based on the Christian value of love for one’s neighbour since 1893, and with an understanding that every person is worthy. Today, this is still the basis of our fight against loneliness, mental distress, and homelessness.

From the beginning of the 1890s, the goal was to provide shelter for the homeless. In 1915, a farm property was acquired on the outskirts of Copenhagen. Through employment in agriculture and selling vegetables, people on the outskirts of society could achieve an independent and meaningful life.

Today, we still provide shelter for homeless people, and the cultivation of crops and flowers is still a part of WeShelter’s profile. We also provide the homeless with meals, clothes and furniture when needed to establish a home, and our volunteers offer care, support and friendship.

Our organisation stands on a solid foundation with over 100 years of experience in helping those in need and with an ambition always to be ahead of the times and continue to improve and create social solutions that match the challenges of people in vulnerable situations today.